Featured in Torque Magazine

In the April 2021 edition

Bresco Mechfast Limited are proud to announce that we have been featured in Torque Magazine in April 2021 edition.

Torque magazine delivers news, views, reports and features to the global fasteners, construction, fixing and tool related industries. It’s available in both printed and digital formats across the globe.

Our half page editorial showcases Bresco Mechfast Limited as being a leading UK supplier of high-quality fasteners at highly competitive prices. With over 40 years of experience in the industry and a dedication to customer service, we’re well placed to find a solution for any customer requirements.

Torque Magazine April 2021

The April edition has a special focus on the fastener distribution industry, a spotlight on the UK market and how industries have responded to the global pandemic.

Torque Magazine

Editor at Torque summarises the focus of the April edition

“It’s times like these that importers, buying groups and wholesalers have been proving their worth.

With many merchants and distributors severely stretched in these days of the pandemic, these challenges could have been insurmountable for them to face alone, but thanks to diligent hard work further up the supply chain, some of these problems have been mitigated.

Of course, wholesalers, importers, and buying groups have a vested interest in supporting distributors, merchants and retailers. And they can’t buffer their customers from all the challenges – not least those around pricing – but a properly functioning supply chain has the capacity to rally around to benefit everyone and provide stability. And it looks like that will continue to be a valuable quality as we move further into 2021.”

– Jonathon Harker – Editor of Torque Magazine.

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