Edge Clips S Type Removable

‘S’ Type removable clips are designed to hold metal, plastic or wooden panels at 180 degrees to each other, with one side removable to allow access without chipping or grazing the panel.

Material: Austempered Carbon Steel CS70, also available in Stainless Steel 302 S25

Standard Finishes: Blue Oil Dipped, Phosphate & Black Xylan Paint, Electro Zinc & Yellow Passivate, Electro Zinc & Clear Passivate, Dacromet 1000 hours

Part NumberDia: P1Dia: P2Dia: L1Dia: L2Dia: L3Dia: W
DER 31230.2/0.90.7/0.918.
DER 26500.5/1.10.5/
DER 22970.5/1.11.0/
DER 22980.5/1.11.3/
DER 38000.6/3.80.5/
DER 22772.2/2.81.5/1.710.
DER 41192.4/3.11.4/


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