Ratchet Rivet

Ratchet Type Rivets consist of two parts, these two parts are simply pushed together to form a secure and tamper-proof fixing, typically for two panels. These parts give a good cosmetic finish and can be used on both hard and softer materials.

General applications include Automotive, White Goods and furniture.

Materials: Nylon 6, Nylon 66

 Colour: Natural, Black, White

Any other colour available upon request

Part NumberPanel RangeHoleDia: DDia: H
RR 303703.0-
RR 577305.7-7.35.510.02.0
RR 578705.7-
RR 597505.9-
RR 881278.8-
RR 88127/18.8-
RR 891298.9-12.95.510.02.0
RR 89129/18.9-12.97.0-
RR 12720612.7-
RR 12820512.8-20.55.510.02.0
RR 128205/112.8-20.57.0-
RR 19835519.8-
RR 20234420.2-34.45.510.02.0
RR 202344/120.2-34.47.0-


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